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Human milk is a species specific food that offers biologically natural nutrition for the child and protects the infant's developing immune system. Mom provides the specific protection her baby needs for the environment in which they live, both in terms of allergens and infection protection. Research continues to confirm new health benefits of human milk and breastfeeding for the newborn, older children and mother as well.

What we will cover/Objectives:

1. Risks of not breastfeeding

2. Anatomy/Physiology of the breast

3. Positions/Latch

4. Is your baby getting enough?

5. Breastfeeding Plan at home and at the hospital

6. Common Concerns

7. Pumping and Equipment

8. Returning to work/school

9. Maternal Nutrition/Medication

10. Breastfeeding Myths

11. Support Systems

12. Resources


When a mom knows/understands/has knowledge of the risks of not breastfeeding, they are able to make an informed decision, prepare, find/increase their motivation and defend their choice.

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